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In recent years, the Italian vertical Alpitour Group has evolved by acquiring a number of companies and tour operators, so that this “mix” of brands made it too complicated to identify them in the market. For this reason, the company has just launched ‘Trevolution’, a project to reorganise these brands by customer segments that has given rise to three clusters and a more flexible structure, which highlights the value of the brands’ know-how and allows customers and travel agencies to know “what they are going to find in each of them”, explained Ginés Martínez, CEO of Jumbo Tours during the presentation of this new strategy, held yesterday at the Hotel Nixe Palace in Palma.

“In the Turoperation business we have made a split of all our brands, keeping seven and dividing them into three different pillars: Mainstream, Specialties & Goal Oriented and Seamless & No Frills”, advanced Donatella Broglio, Head of Product Mainstream Division of Alpitour Group.

For its part, with Seamless & No Frills the TTOO is targeting a customer who is “very price-conscious, but who wants a different, flexible and dynamic holiday, made to their liking“, explained Broglio, who indicated that these seven brands are the result of this restructuring process of a total of twelve, in which it has opted for those that could be more effective.

“With these seven brands, we have tried to explain each of them to the market without duplication or mixing“, said the tour operator’s management, who specified the division of each pillar, each one aimed at a customer segment and with specialised catalogues: Mainstream will have the brands Alpitour, Francorosso and Bravo; Specialties & Goal Oriented with Turisanda 1924, Made and Presstour; and Seamless & No Frills with Eden Viaggi.

He also pointed out that in terms of touroperation, Alpitour has a 30% market share in Italy, serving the B2B and B2C segments.

In his review of the group’s trajectory, since its birth in 1947 and “always linked to Mallorca, with a first charter flight with hotel in the late 60s”, he highlighted key moments such as the acquisition of Francorosso in the late 90s, the creation of the Neos airline in 2010, or the acquisition of the second Italian TTOO, Eden Viaggi, in 2018.

Group structure

Precisely, tour operating represents the bulk of the vertical group’s revenue, as Ginés Martínez recalled, who explained how of the nearly 2,400 million euros of turnover achieved in the last year before the pandemic, in 2019, 58% came from tour operating, 20% from aviation, 18% from Incoming and 5% from hotel management.

He announced that from May, the group will have 1,350 seats a week to Mallorca and Menorca, and 1,850 to Ibiza and Formentera from the various Italian airports.

With regard to the hotel segment, he referred to the VRetreats brands, aimed at the luxury segment, and VOIHotels, aimed at the holiday segment, while Incoming, which deals with hotel contracting and the organisation and management of tourist services in destinations for the group’s divisions, includes Jumbo Tours, Alpitour Incoming and In terms of travel agencies, he underlined how Alpitour World has a joint venture with Costa Cruises and Welcome Travel Group, which is the largest network of Italian travel agencies, with 2,500 points of sale.

Source: Hosteltur