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Exceltur brings together the leaders who set the global guidelines for the sector.

The tourism challenges that the pandemic has brought with it are one of the main challenges facing the sector. In order to tackle them successfully, this year Exceltur is bringing together the most prominent leaders of the tourism industry with the aim of anticipating the keys that will help to design tourism management and development models that will boost the positioning of tourism companies and destinations.

Gabriele Burgio, CEO of Alpitour, parent group of Jumbo Tours, will form part of the group of professionals chosen to discuss the megatrends and future scenarios post COVID in the panel colloquium that opens the 11th edition of the Exceltur Touristic Leadership Forum. The meeting, moderated by José Luis Zoreda, CEO of Exceltur, will also be attended by Steve Kaufer, CEO of Tripadvisor; Audrey Hendley, president of American Express Travel; Angela Brav, CEO of Hertz International; and Gabriel Escarrer, president of Exceltur and executive vice-president and CEO of Meliá Hotels International.

The agenda of this event, which will take place on the eve of Fitur 2022, continues with other talks that will address topics such as the scenario that will determine the reactivation of the economy and tourism, the consolidation of a smart tourism recovery, the sustainable tourism transition, new technologies and models applied to connectivity and tourism distribution or employment policies to promote more sustainable tourism, among others. There will also be other panel discussions on urban tourism, tourism investment models, mobility policies, connectivity and intermodality and the new public-private tourism governance.

With this program, the Exceltur Forum 2022 seeks to contribute ideas and sectoral proposals that help to revive tourism by promoting a competitive transformation of the sector through innovative projects of companies and destinations that take into account the needs and desires of consumers, while optimizing the quality of life at the local level and sustainability. A challenge that also involves accelerating digitalization and improving information management to optimize processes.