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Every year, more than 1,300 million travellers all over the world pack their suitcases to enjoy well-earned holidays. Many of them are looking forward to disconnecting from their daily routines to explore new destinations and to live unique experiences in a journey which has been dreamt about for a greater part of the year. And the key to fulfilling these expectations is the travel agent.

The evolution of the professional profile of those who work in this field has been, in the opinion of experts, one of the most intense in recent decades. And with the arrival of the Internet, the travel agent has gone from being a mere intermediary in hiring trips to a specialised advisor through which the client can design their perfect holiday. And it is not the only role they play in today’s world.

These are the principle changes which analysists highlight in the role of the travel agent in recent years.
From intermediary to advisor. Exploring a tourist destination takes time, and this time is gold for the client. That’s why today’s travel agents look for in-depth knowledge of the destinations that are part of their proposals, sorting out the information they collect first-hand and dedicating as much time as is necessary to obtaining more information. It is the only way to effectively advise those who come to a travel agent for guidance on a destination. It is a question of knowing the attractions of each proposal, which claims make a place unique – such as its gastronomy; what little known treasures are there that are hidden from the general public; is it easy or not to get around the locality or the country in which the client wants to travel; what is the best time of the year to enjoy it.

Architect of tailor-made trips. The interests of those who come to a travel agent are the priority for these professionals. In order to meet the expectations of the traveller, the travel agent must first find out what their tastes are, what activities they like to do, what’s the reason behind the journey and what they expect to find. The traveller is demanding and that is why it is essential for the travel agent to adapt himself completely to the client so that they can offer a tailor-made journey. It’s about enjoying a unique experience according to the client’s preferences.

Answers before, during and after the proposed trip. Another function of the travel agent is to resolve all the possible doubts of the client, before, during and after contracting the trip. Clearly informing the public of everything that is related to the trip, clarifying any unknowns which may arise, is the best way to offer the perfect experience for the client. That’s why the travel agent is available throughout the entire process.

Local proposals. Not all information is available on the net, especially in the case of local proposals that allow a deeper knowledge of the culture of the place being visited. Nevertheless, travel agents with experience will know their destinations in detail to have that valuable information. In most cases, these local proposals make it possible to enjoy a completely unique experience.