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They say that a long journey begins with the first step. But conceiving the road is no easy matter. Choosing a destination is only the first decision to be taken. After that, comes the purchase of airplane tickets, the reservation of accommodation, finding out how to get from the airport to the hotel, deciding on an itinerary which may include new accommodation reservations and new transfers …… These are the steps that tourists must make themselves, unless they opt to use a tour operator.
In which case, the long list of tasks described above will fall into the hands of the tour operator for them to be able to offer a complete holiday package, allowing for the most interesting tourist attractions. It is about providing a unique experience for the traveller and it is the first advantage of choosing a tour operator. But there are many other benefits for the client who takes this option. Here are some of the most satisfying to the public:

Competitive prices
One of the main factors to consider when choosing a trip is its price. And in this aspect the tour operator enables the traveller to choose from more economical options, as they have holiday packages which can make prices much more competitive than those which can be found on an individual basis.

Everything possible even with complicated dates
To find a plane ticket and a hotel at peak times can be quite an odyssey. Christmas, Easter and summer are good examples of this. However, the tour operator anticipates this problem, and can provide excellent options for these dates. Peak season is, in fact, one of their specialities.

Saving time
The tourist not only has to choose the destination, but also what there is to see when they get there. And in this sense, opting for a tour operator ensures that none of the hidden corners that make a chosen place so special are going to be missed. This saves a considerable amount of time for the tourist.

Security guarantee
What happens if the flight is delayed and the reception in the hotel is only open during specific hours? And if the flight is cancelled? These hassles are more frequent than one might imagine and, if not using a tour operator, must be resolved by the client themselves. However, if your trip has been organised by a tour operator, then you don’t need to worry about things like this, as it is up to them to resolve unforeseen problems.

Access to the principal tourist attractions
Among the advantages of making a trip through a tour operator, there is another privilege, much appreciated by the tourist: that of easy access to the most in-demand tourist attractions. Usually tour operators have arrangements which allow the client easy and quick access to the most popular tourist attractions.

Time is gold during the holidays and losing it when looking at how to get to the different points in the journey’s itinerary (airport, hotel, airport) can ruin the holiday. However, the tour operator can take care of this task by providing easy transfers, thus allowing the travel experience to be enjoyed even more.