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This section contains some of the most relevant news articles published in magazines and the press.

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The Italian company Alpitour Group sends its “Italian Spirit” to help the Spanish Government

Plane charter landing today at Barajas Airport Through its Spanish subsidiary Jumbo Tours and its airline Neos Air, charters a plane that lands today in Madrid Barajas Airport with several tons of medical equipment. Alpitour Group has already carried out similar operations in China for Italy. Madrid, April 4, 2020 - Alpitour Group, a leading international tour operator in Italy,…
Press Releases

Jumbo Tours responds to COVID-19 with an action plan

The plan has three objectives: to guarantee the safety of our workers, to guarantee services to both clients and suppliers and preparing our organisation for the time when activity restarts. Working with ERTE in order to prioritise the security of our staff by reducing working hours. The measure will be implemented from April 1st so that our employees can face…
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Interview with Eva Ruiz, Director of Jumbo Tours DMC Destination in Preferente

Sustainable improvements are one of the objectives of JumboTours Group DMC Destination Services. The director, Eva Ruiz Beser, explains why in this interview with Preferente.The exclusive content that allows us to offer unique experiences to clients is a guarantee of success. Eva Ruiz Beser, director of JTG DMC Destination Services, tells us why in an interview with Preferente.

Alpitour consolidates its investment in protecting the environment

Alpitour consolidates its investment in protecting the environmentThe group has achieved a 20% reduction in air fuel consumption with NEOS' new fleet of environmentally friendly aircraft.Respecting and protecting the environment is one of the Alpitour Group's main concerns. Over the years the Group has been investing in state-of-the-art technology to this end. The new fleet of environmentally friendly aircraft belonging…

The 5 most attractive cities

These are the most attractive cities to travellersThe first five are scattered between Asia and Europe.The Global Destination Cities Index 2019, which Mastercard organises on a yearly basis, has just published this year’s ranking of the most attractive cities for tourists. First place goes to Bangkok, which receives 22 million visitors annually. Paris and London hold second and third positions,…

The Canary Islands strengthen their status as a favourite destination due to new deals

The Canary Islands strengthen their status as a favourite destination due to new dealsAdventure travel, surfing and hiking options raise demandDuring this last quarter of the year, the Canary Islands have emerged as the main destination in the whole of Spain. They therefore maintain their position in the top rankings of tourist destinations for the winter, spring and summer seasons.…

Greece, one of this year’s most sought-after

Greece, one of this year’s most sought-after In 2018 the number of holidaymakers visiting the country had already increased by almost 11% Uncovering the enchanting charm held by the islands, experiencing the beauty of mythical places such as the Parthenon first-hand, exploring the temple of Zeus, strolling through the dynamic streets around the centre of Athens, visiting the Peloponnese... The…

The role technology plays in automatic booking systems

“The role technology plays in automatic booking systems.” Technology has become an ally when it comes to automated reservation systems. Immediate response times now a reality, thanks to our investment in it Since new technologies arrived in the tourism sector, the way of working has been completely transformed. Hundreds of possibilities can now be offered to provide instant, quality products…
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Jumbo Tours Today 9th edition

“The online distribution process is key and fundamental” Interview with José Luis Zoreda de la Rosa, Vice President of Exceltur, Alliance for Excellency in Tourism "What challenges does the tourism sector now face as a result of the boom in destinations that have been in crisis in the last few years, such as Turkey and Egypt? How might the current…