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The Canary Islands strengthen their status as a favourite destination due to new deals

Adventure travel, surfing and hiking options raise demand

During this last quarter of the year, the Canary Islands have emerged as the main destination in the whole of Spain. They therefore maintain their position in the top rankings of tourist destinations for the winter, spring and summer seasons. In addition to the interest the Islands have aroused as an ideal surfing destination, adventure tourism in general, not to mention the wide range of possibilities offered by their natural environment for hiking enthusiasts, the demand for trips to the Canary Islands, which remain one of the main star destinations in Europe, is increasing.

The four national parks that can be enjoyed on the islands -Caldera de Taburiente, Garajonay, Timanfaya and Teide- also contribute to this, boasting a completely original environment that distinguishes them from the other 11 national parks spread throughout Spain. Furthermore, the island’s gastronomy, the original traditions maintained inland, the architectural heritage and the unique fact that it is an ideal destination 365 days a year like the Caribbean, but with the big benefit of being not more than five hours from any European capital as opposed to a 10-hour flight to the Caribbean. Without a doubt the Canary Islands will continue to be one of the favourite options for adventurous travellers, a destination where good weather prevails and one which is becoming increasingly attractive to the new generation of sports traveller.

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