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    • The plan has three objectives: to guarantee the safety of our workers, to guarantee services to both clients and suppliers and preparing our organisation for the time when activity restarts.
    • Working with ERTE in order to prioritise the security of our staff by reducing working hours. The measure will be implemented from April 1st so that our employees can face the start of these new restrictions with greater support.

Measures adopted:

  • Prioritising the safety of our staff by implementing remote work through working from home. As well as providing new means, technology and resources to all teams whilst respecting our moto #JTGstayathome
  • Adapting to activity reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a 50% cut in working hours for all employees, prioritising the security of our workforce.
  • Allowing the change of NRF rates to flexible rates in collaboration with suppliers, with the clear objective of encouraging sales and motivating consumers, during these uncertain restrictions.
  • Updating systems, new developments and data cleaning whilst implementing technological improvements in order to test and ensure the improvement of databases to enable perfect operation at the time of recovery.
  • Reinforcement of operative staff in support areas to speed up any modifications, cancellations and information to agencies.
  • Global “Force Majeure”: Alignment of official government statements and any other restriction of travel/movement of people, which allows “free of charge” cancellation under the concept of “force majeure”.
  • Likewise, our Destination Managers, Contracting Managers, Business Developers and Sales Directors are in permanent contact with clients and suppliers to establish business plans and critical measures to help reverse the situation.
  • In addition, we develop a 2020/2021 business plan with our contracting teams to ensure a quick response when activity is restarted.


Our CEO, Ginés Martínez, also wanted to “thank all for the support we are receiving from our collaborators, customers and our team who have been part of the Jumbo Family since the beginning and to ensure that they have our unconditional support”. “We have the backing of a solid and reliable group, the Alpi-tour Group, which since the beginning of this crisis have not stopped showing their confidence in us,” he said.

“It is a time of uncertainty, but also of great opportunities and if we work together, I am convinced that we will come out of this situation stronger and with the capacity to face the future with the leadership and solidity that has characterised Jumbo Tours Group in its 42 years of history”.