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“The online distribution process is key and fundamental”

Interview with José Luis Zoreda de la Rosa, Vice President of Exceltur, Alliance for Excellency in Tourism

“What challenges does the tourism sector now face as a result of the boom in destinations that have been in crisis in the last few years, such as Turkey and Egypt? How might the current British economic situation impact the Spanish tourism sector? Can leading sun and beach destinations improve their appeal by a redesign in strategy? José Luis Zoreda de la Rosa, one of the most highly regarded experts in the tourism industry, answers these and other questions. His 35 years of experience in the sector allow him to analyse the current scenario and to anticipate approaches that could lead to a definitive leap towards an even stronger market position. Among them, he mentions supporting urban tourism, improving opportunities and offers in traditional destinations in order to shift demand towards more value-added segments and embracing technology and online marketing firmly as it achieves direct contact with the end customer.”

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