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“The role technology plays in automatic booking systems.”

Technology has become an ally when it comes to automated reservation systems. Immediate response times now a reality,
thanks to our investment in it

Since new technologies arrived in the tourism sector, the way of working has been completely transformed. Hundreds of possibilities can now be offered to provide instant, quality products at tiered prices. That is why Jumbo Tours has been placing technology at the forefront of all its strategies for years, investing significant economic value into it. Its role in the automatization of booking systems is crucial, both in the search process, which needs to be almost immediate in terms of product quality and quantity, and in the booking confirmation process, which has to ensure an efficient and synchronised information delivery flow across all integration platforms in order to “fill the room”. This then enables us to target the middleman and achieve a higher conversion rate. The accumulation of this data gives us useful information with a view to future sales and to attract new “bed suppliers”. An intermediary in the purchase process in which one of the main advantages is the capital investment aimed at the continuous improvement in server performance and the maintenance of this technology, which is updated to the needs of each client thanks to XML, the system integrators. This way we are able to capture the attention of our customers and increase our reservation conversion rate. By continually redesigning hotel deals and adapting our products to meet current demand, and due to our high-speed servers, we are able to provide an immediate answer to searches within an ever-widening portfolio, which makes using booking platforms such as a worthwhile option.

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