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It’s essential to have distinct brands which meet real and diverse needs”

Javier Águila, president of Apple Leisure Group in Europe, pushes forward the United States’ largest tourism group’s plans for the European continent

Since last December, when the Apple Leisure Group acquired a majority shareholding in Alua Hotels & Resorts, the group has augmented its presence in Spain to a total of 16 establishments and more than 4,000 rooms. This is part of a larger plan which has one key objective: to have between 30 and 35 establishments and between 8,000 and 10,000 rooms in Europe by 2022. Javier Águila talks about this in his interview, in which he maintains that the secret to successful sales management lies in “identifying and being able to reach our target customer through all available channels”. As for branding, he believes that it is vital to have adequately differentiated brands “and whose features and characteristics meet the real and varying needs of different customer groups”.

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