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Trustee of JSF Travel & Tourism Business School

In order to differentiate themselves from the competition and to continue to be able to ensure high quality products and services, Jumbo Tours believes it is essential to train people working in this increasingly globalised and digital industry. For this reason, it promotes JSF Travel & Tourism Business School, the foundation of which Jumbo Tours is the patron, as a tool for training future tourism managers.

The aim of this training centre is specifically to prepare the managers in the sector, who are responsible for driving development and transformation strategies forward in their organisations, providing them with the tools with which to face the current and future challenges in tourism. This is a key task for which specific programmes, such as digital transformation, tourism distribution management, growth strategies and redesign of the customer experience, to name but a few, have been created this year.

For John Healy, Director General of JSF Travel & Tourism Business School, the presence of Jumbo Tours as a prominent partner of the foundation has been crucial. “Being part of our Executive Committee helps us focus our offerings on the real training needs of the sector. It also allows us to spread our message throughout their markets,” said Healy.