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The CEO and co-founder of Destinia analyses the sector

17 years ago, Amuda Goueli and his business partner founded the online travel agency which now employs 150 people

They began their journey amid the dotcom crisis convinced that their project was a vision for the future,
and time has proven them right. Part of their success is down to their great ability for adapting to changes in the market. In fact, last year they invoiced the equivalent of one million euros in bitcoins.
Destinia is becoming a technological platform for third parties, explains Amuda Goueli during his interview, adding that in tourism, marketing strategies are essential to attract customers. And, in order for them to work, creativity is a key factor. “Creativ- ity is an unlimited resource that we have to exploit. We don’t work with million-dollar budgets, so we have to be more imaginative”, he says.

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