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The Italian group, a leader in the European tourism sector, presents a new, renewed and evolved visual identity while maintaining the representation of its values.

The Italian group Alpitour World, parent company of Jumbo Tours and one of the leading tourism groups in Europe, has changed its visual identity, switching out its iconic seagull symbol and transforming it into the symbol of infinity, thus renewing its brand image without abandoning the values that it represents, such as innovation, sustainability and its people-centred business model.

This change not only affects the brand identity but also includes a new approach to the group’s website and a new corporate narrative that conveys the messages and commitments for the coming years: Alpitour World is reborn today, to continue to be the travel leader of tomorrow.

In this respect, Alpitour World has sought to update the visual identity and express the nature of the group that has been on the move for more than 75 years. Hence the idea of transforming its historic image of the seagull to give it a new life and make it infinite. As Gabriele Burgio, President and CEO of Alpitour World, explains, “We are very satisfied with this year’s results. Despite a 2021/22 winter still marked by the effects of the pandemic, we have recorded a growing balance and exceeded our budget forecasts”. With regard to the rebranding, the Group’s chief executive added that “we have taken many risky gambles, all supported by our shareholders, thanks to whom we are now a more solid, integrated and aware company”.

In fact, this symbol refers to Alpitour Worl’s objective of projecting itself into the future: infinite, like the emotions that a journey can give, infinite like the passion that animates the more than 4000 employees every day, infinite like the commitment to the most important cities in the world and to its customers, but, above all, infinite, like the deep respect that the company has for the planet.

The new brand is also a representation of the Italian group’s values, based on a purpose-oriented towards growth and responsibility and summed up in the phrase: “We are the journey we want to see in the world”.

The CEO of Jumbo Tours, Ginés Martínez, explains that “at JTG we welcome this change, which is aligned with the values that represent us as a group and which reaffirms our common objectives of expansion and growth”.